What’s life without a little whimsy?

My name is Nikki, and I have led a transient life. In the past ten years, I moved from northern Virginia, to coastal Carolina, to southern Georgia, to Okinawa, Japan, to southern California, to Washington, DC with my husband and feline fur babies, Momo and Tim Tam. Don’t even get me started on my nomadic childhood 🙂

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years of perpetual motion and change:

  • Life is full of little pleasures
  • Stop and smell the roses
  • No matter where you find yourself – literally or figuratively – you’ve simply gotta bloom where you are planted.

I have come to expect the unexpected. I find the silver lining in everything, while maintaining a practical outlook when reality must be faced. But what I love most about Life (besides flowers) is that it’s full of adventures and surprises, simply brimming with nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered.

“It’s whimsy that spreads hope like grass seed in the wind.” – Bob Goff


4 thoughts on “What’s life without a little whimsy?

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  2. I love your blog so cute and so you!! Sorry it has taken me so long to finally stop by! Sending you lots of love and gypsy kitty vibes 😉


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