Happy Easter!! Celebrating the Resurrection with a dear friend. Now if only it was warmer… And I had some Cadbury eggs! 🙂

(at Faith Harbor United Methodist Church)

Christians & DOMA

I never understand how the Religious Right feels they can just legislate what comes down to FREE WILL. Christians like to overlook the free will aspect of things, and just restrict, restrict, restrict.

But if they’re gonna legislate personal behaviors, may as well start advocating for Constitutional amendments banning fast food and the like, to restrict gluttony. And premarital sex too.

… Oh wait, they won’t… because they’ve all done it!!

For the sake of argument, let’s just say it’s true that homosexuality is an abomination. I am a Christian, but I’m also an American. There is some overlap, sure… but their mission statements, in some ways, are completely opposite and they are different roles. My religion is personal. I’m accountable for myself. My role as a patriot and a citizen is a responsibility. A responsibility to protect those not within my own umbrella of beliefs.

We are not a theocracy!

Badly “needed” retail therapy led to this fantastic splurge…

Seriously though, I’ve been needing a decent, good quality purse that I feel confident carrying. Lots of room in this sucker!

Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.

Last night’s dinner with the in-laws! Filet mignon, duck confit risotto, and shrimp n’ grits at one of my fave downtown restaurants… Yum!

So weary…

It has been such a crazy week. First, my dad came over the weekend and was sick/miserable the whole time with what ended up being strep throat. Then Chuck’s mom called Sunday night and said they were heading down to visit Monday-Thursday. I have two events after work Wednesday/Thursday, then another friend coming into town Friday night, for the weekend. I also am hosting a wives’ event on Saturday afternoon.

Work has been insane too, because the Wilmington “metropolitan statistical area” lost Brunswick County in the last census… so all hell has broken loose. The work in to figuring out why has largely fallen on my shoulders – so suddenly, I’m an economics/urban planning subject matter expert!

I’m exaggerating slightly, but it is definitely hijacking my days, so my regular work isn’t getting done quite as efficiently as I’d like. At least I am learning a lot…and getting some exposure to higher-ups in the process.

Somewhere thrown in there, I also need to write a letter to officials in Colorado about my mom’s legal/mental health situation, and get it in the mail before her court date… which is rapidly approaching. No time, no time, no time! (I guess maybe I should have done that instead of writing this blog entry? Lol!)

Anyways. Stretched thin much?? Sunday night should be relaxing 🙂

Needed a statement necklace. So of course I bought two!

In fact, I did a lot of damage in general last night. Some purchases were legit long time needs, while others were pure frivolity. But inshallah – spring fashion (my fave!) only comes once per year!