One of my medically-inclined friends came to visit this past weekend, and while we discussed my darling Annie’s chubs, she noted a very interesting possibility that I had never considered: did Annie maybe have kittens before?

The thought of Annie with kittens blew me away! I adopted her as an adult cat, and she was already spayed – so I never entertained the idea. But my friend said the way her tummy looked indicated she may have been pregnant at one point, and since I know nothing about her pre-adoption days, it is certainly possible! She may have been spayed later, or by the shelter.

Now, I just look at my little cublet with this new found awe. Thinking of her as a mama cat just melts my little heart!

I was fiscally irresponsible the past 6 weeks and bought two Lilly dresses that I fell in love with. To be fair, one was 40% off and the other was 25% off… that helps, right?

Fuzzy photo quality aside, aren’t they cute?? I feel so pretty in them! 🙂

Apparently “Vagina” is a Dirty Word…

I was watching “Mean Girls” on MTV last night and was all prepared to giggle when the chubby girl in the gym scene at the end says, “I can’t help it that I have a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina.”

Except, MTV decided to bleep out the part about the wide-set vagina.

Okay, I thought. Weird, but whatever! In the next minute of the same scene, however, MTV left “bitch”, “slut”, and “whore” decidedly UNbleeped. I was flabbergasted! Since when is “vagina” a dirtier word than “slut”?

I don’t want to get all feminazi over here, but it does go to show how our culture regards women and how it defines misogyny. Am I crazy to prefer my kid coming to me asking about vaginas than bitches and ho’s? Maybe it’s just me.

Our Next Big Change

Any day now, Chuck and I are supposed to find out where our next assignment will be! I think I’ve mentioned he was selected for some specialty billet, which narrows our options a great deal. It seems that Monterrey, California, and the DC area are the two most likely! We’d most likely move late summer, when Chuck gets back from Afghanistan.

We both have a preference for Monterrey. It would be a grand adventure, something new, and the billet would eventually send us overseas – an even bigger adventure!! DC is a great option too, of course, for many obvious reasons. We already have a social and professional network there, it’s fun, and it’s accessible.

At this point, my biggest hold-up to going to Cali are all the rapid-fire weddings we have. I’m starting to get super nervous about those. Two are in September, two are in October, one in November, and one in January. Chuck and I are in pretty much all of them.

They are going to be crazyyyy costly if we are in California. Like, thousands of dollars costly. And then what about the holidays thrown in the mix, when we’ll be expected to fly home again? I’ll have to be the Scrooge that says “no, we just can’t do it!”

Otherwise, Chuck and I will just have to go to each (or most) solo, which sucks, but it will cut our costs in half. I’m trying to avoid backing out of any – you can’t really back out of a wedding you’re in. I don’t want to stop pulling for California… but if we do get it, I’m going to have to pace myself so I can enjoy the experience, as well as the weddings! But the craziness of this fall/winter definitely makes DC atypically tempting…

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but luckily the USMC will make that decision for me 😉