Hafa Adai, Guam!


Growing up, Guam meant one thing: brown tree snakes coiled up in your toilet.

It was an undesirable duty station for military personnel, and certainly not an exotic tourist destination.

But Chuck goes to Guam a lot for work, and he loves it. He kept pestering me to meet him there, and since he so rarely gets excited about one particular location (and I plan the bulk of our travel adventures to begin with), I decided to book a flight for Labor Day Weekend. It helped that the government had him covered, so it was going to be a cheap vacay in the scheme of things đŸ™‚

… But Guam blew my mind. It wasn’t necessarily the people or the culture, but the landscape. WOW! It was everything I had hoped Okinawa would be, with beautiful, crystal clear blue waters in which to frolic like a mermaid. Continue reading