Asian Food Porn 4.0

This past weekend, Chuck and I tried a new restaurant with a some neighbors. Ruriiro is actually in a small private residence just 5 minutes up the road, run by a single gentleman named Kaz and his fluffy canine friend, Justin. I was amazed at how quickly (and simultaneously!) he prepared all 4 meals. Typically, homemade meals from short-staffed establishments are brought out one by one, creating an awkward situation where no one can really eat at the same time – but Kaz single handedly managed to prepare and deliver each delicious meal all at once. He did not disappoint! It’s one of our favorite establishments to date 🙂 I only wish I had snapped a pic of the pooch!

Okinawa: Love to Hate It


The view from my 5th floor balcony: Crazy skies over the village of Uruma

I have such mixed feelings about Okinawa.

It is beautiful and exotic, but heavily peppered with ugly and distracting architecture.

The skies are striking and waver between extremes at the blink of an eye, but the congested island itself simmers and festers in its own oppressively hot and sticky steam… featuring smells you can’t quite eliminate from your walls, linens, and furniture.

You step outside and even if you are perfectly still, you will quite literally melt within 30 seconds – glistening wet on every square inch of your surface. It’s unlike any humidity I experienced in the American south, and there’s simply no escaping it…

… But the water is blue, placid, and refreshing. There’s always, always that 🙂


Courtney Beach


A Few of my Furry Friends!

It’s kind of sad, but I have more feline friends than human ones at this point. I’m back to paying regular visits to the shrines down by Uken Beach and have a posse of regulars who flock to me as soon as I exit my car or dismount my bike. Other people feed them for sure, but no one else brings tuna fish… so I am definitely their fave 🙂 Here are six of them, with a few details about each in the captions! Crazy cat lady… what?

Introducing: Thomas, Merckel, Bethany, Elf, Simone, and Bertha.