Our “H-Squared (Halloween & Hurricane) Party” was a big success! Despite the heavy rain and wind gusts, pretty much everyone still managed to show up. Not only did they show up, but most stayed late, got creative with costumes, and partied/danced hard. Probably too hard for some of them (us…) but we all need those nights 😉 I am still so sore!

The only disappointment (for me) was my costume! I was Cruella deVille, and it looked okay in person, but I didn’t get a single good picture in it. I guess it’s hard to take decent pictures in dim party lighting – especially since we had black lights, strobe lights, and those string party lights in spooky purple. Most of my shots of pretty much anything came out fuzzy 😦 Anyway, After getting caught out in the Hurricane helping someone find parking, my wig and make up were so messed up that I just ran to the bathroom and only kept on the dress (and red shoes of course.) Too bad!

Everyone else looked great though. Chuck and Shane were among my faves – they were LMFAO. Don’t they look RIDICULOUS?! Good times 🙂

Slowly adjusting to my new look! I wasn’t anticipating quite this dark (it photographs softer than it is in real life) but that’s always the case after that first look in the mirror. We’ll see how long I last… I like it, but I always miss my blonde 🙂

Yesterday Was a Great Day…

… The weather was fab. I ate a healthy breakfast and felt amazing. Chuck came home at noon. I GOT A JOB… yessss!

So finally, after a whole year of retail pharmacy and temp jobs, I got a full-time, salaried  offer at the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, managing events and member services. My bank account and resume are not doomed after all. I am so relieved!!!

Plus, I’ll now have something to keep me occupied while Chuck is gone. Deployment should go at least somewhat easier for me then!

Anyway. SOOOO happy!! 😀

Weekend shot with friend (and photo bomber!) at Trailer Bar.

It’s quite blurry and I’m way over-tanned (ha), but I’m starting to really like my new hair color. I think I’m going to go darker next time… but keep some dramatic highlights too 🙂

Freedom Isn’t Free…

A while back, I noted the strength and solidarity of the community here when even mass retailers will demonstrate personal support for our troops, who – in a town this small – are also truly their neighbors, customers, and friends.

This past week, I snapped this shot at the same CVS – equally supportive in nature, but a lot more foreboding in the sense that things may not have worked out well for Lt. J. Moore.

There are more signs of loss around here in Holly Ridge. I noticed the flags at half-mast first. Businesses, fire stations, and churches have replaced their advertising with notes of remembrance and prayer for another young service member, Sgt T.J. Butler.

It’s an important reminder – even to myself – that freedom isn’t free. A reminder that I live in an area where someone has to give a family bad news on a regular basis. I take it for granted and live in this bubble, but it’s happening all around us.

They won’t even get a shout out on the national news, but it’s beautiful to see how a community will honor its fallen, and support those they left behind.

Sorry for the downer – but Lt. Moore and Sgt Butler have been on my mind quite a bit lately!