Restless Night

I had the most bizarre, stressful, yet broken series of dreams this AM! My brain is literally exhausted.

First, I was climbing with a group of people in a dilapidated house, trying to get to the top of the (mostly missing) stairs. I was in the lead, and about to get around the corner to the next room. A hand reached out of nowhere to help me up. I took it and was pulled around the corner, into a nasty smoky room full of evil skeletons! I woke with a start and all kinds of electric pins n’ needles.

Then, I faced 10 years in prison, for inadvertently owning something manufactured in North Korea. Huh?

Then, for whatever reason, I had a little break from prison (but knew I had to go back) and was driving along a highway with my sister and another random girl. It was like driving through a circus in the rain! Bright colorful lights, distractions, and I could barely see. Even in the dream, I knew it wasn’t real, and just hallucinations, because no one else could see it. I had to pull over and let my sister drive. We simultaneously realized my GPS was giving my directions as if we were traveling “by air.”

Then, I was in a busy dressing room with Kim Kardashian getting ready for the Oscars (still facing 10 years of prison), which was actually just some dinner party in the mall. It was chaotic and messy, and once again, I couldn’t actually see anything… very blurred, and nothing was working. I was supposed to meet my sister to have lunch with Pam Anderson (strange pair), but I was too disoriented to tell where I was going, had 3 sets of glasses on, and eventually gave up and stood in the middle of the mall before waking up very, very confused.

I hope none of this means I’m crazy, or about to become crazy – because I sure feel crazy. And I’m so tired!!

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