Decision Made! For Now…

So, Chuck and I took the plunge and signed on for another assignment with the Marines. It was a grueling decision, and even as Chuck left the house on the morning he had to decide, he still hadn’t fully made up his mind yet.

Of course, as soon as I got the text saying he essentially signed on the dotted line, I felt the strangest mix of relief, excitement, and of course, a whole new round of anxiety. I had made peace with the idea of staying on for another round, and in fact I encouraged him to stick with it, because I think it’s premature for him to leave something he loves so much without exploring more.

I was able to give my blessing mostly because I figured Chuck could diversify his experience with the Marines while a) we move somewhere else, with more opportunity for me than this area has to offer, and b) we would experience a few years deployment-free, and find something that closer resembles a normal, less staccato newlywed life before kids come along. We both win! However…

… This is assuming we get a good b-billet. Something that Chuck enjoys, and also gets us somewhere half-way decent. It’s also assuming his b-billet doesn’t require him to leave home much – they’re not all super stable, as it turns out. Not to mention, there is apparently a rumor going around that the Marines are cutting back on moving people at all, and will keep Marines at their current duty station. Unless something drastic changes, I do NOT want to stay here another 3 years, beach or no beach! Anxieties, incoming…!!

At least I know that, as of March 2013, he is still gainfully employed. We have a paycheck, and healthcare. We don’t have to deal with both of us facing unemployment during a deployment year, when between the frequent away-training and actual deployment, he is barely around to search.

But, there is no time to second-guess ourselves now! It is done. I’m in a I-hate-the-Marines-stage right now only because he’s currently away for three weeks, and I always get antsy when I’m by myself in this joint. It’s just kind of scary to give up all control over your future like that, without having a clue of what’s next…

Anyway, we have to get through this year regardless of the decision we made. As for next year, I will plan for the worst, hope for the best, and continue to keep calm and have my cupcakes.

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