I am sooo full!! Chuck and I had a great weekend with no plans, so aside from one short workout together and a couple hours reading on the beach, we just ate a lot.

Saturday night we grilled tuna steaks over a bed of spinach, with tomato salad on the side. I wish i had a pic of that – it was pretty 🙂 We finished an entire pitcher of our very own sangria together and “watched” about 4 movies – more like talked and laughed our way through them. It was glorious; I’m so grateful that Chuck and I still genuinely enjoy spending simple, random, silly time together. We tend to be around people so much that true time just the two of us is rather rare!

Anyway! Today we made eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins for breakfast – finishing off with fresh peaches. For dinner we decided to live on the edge and have blue cheese -stuffed bacon burgers served on our fine china just for fun, since we never get to use it. We had sushi and cantaloupe to start, which was a surprisingly delicious and fresh combination, then shared two cupcakes for dessert – triple chocolate and key lime.

Sooo good, but Lordy, I feel like I could never eat again!

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