Freedom Isn’t Free…

A while back, I noted the strength and solidarity of the community here when even mass retailers will demonstrate personal support for our troops, who – in a town this small – are also truly their neighbors, customers, and friends.

This past week, I snapped this shot at the same CVS – equally supportive in nature, but a lot more foreboding in the sense that things may not have worked out well for Lt. J. Moore.

There are more signs of loss around here in Holly Ridge. I noticed the flags at half-mast first. Businesses, fire stations, and churches have replaced their advertising with notes of remembrance and prayer for another young service member, Sgt T.J. Butler.

It’s an important reminder – even to myself – that freedom isn’t free. A reminder that I live in an area where someone has to give a family bad news on a regular basis. I take it for granted and live in this bubble, but it’s happening all around us.

They won’t even get a shout out on the national news, but it’s beautiful to see how a community will honor its fallen, and support those they left behind.

Sorry for the downer – but Lt. Moore and Sgt Butler have been on my mind quite a bit lately!

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