Came into work today and the phones, Internet, and central network are down, so now is as good a time as any to update my Tumblr!

This past weekend was not only Veteran’s Day weekend, but the 237th Marine Corps birthday. The past three years, we celebrated with one of the elegant balls – Chuck in his dress blues, me in a gown, and a lot of pomp and circumstance to go around. They’re always lots of fun, but this year – since Chuck is now part of a motley 19-man team rather than a huge battalion – we celebrated with a low key “Ballbeque” at the Gunni’s house.

It was fun, if not a bit chilly for an outdoor party. I enjoyed the bonfire in particular 🙂 I didn’t so much enjoy the full roast pig all charred on the grill… It made me depressed.

Anyway, it was good to meet Chuck’s new leaders (I felt like I was at a parent teacher conference sometimes, with very drunk teachers!) It was also good to bond more with the Marines I already knew, and their wives and girlfriends.

We are all just gearing up for this deployment over here – won’t be too much longer now. Then I’ll have a two-time war veteran to be proud of and thankful for!

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