It’s funny that with as girly as I am, I’ve always turned up my nose at the over-the-top bright Lilly Pulitzer dresses. Not too long ago, I wandered into a little boutique called Palm Garden, that sold Lilly almost exclusively. For some reason, it just hit the spot, and I was in love with everything – from dresses, to cashmere sweaters, to iPhone cases and day planners.

Of course, one of my favorites was the dress I tried above (not as loud as most Lilly) for $278. Grrrr. I’ve been trying to justify it by reminding myself how well it fit, and how versatile it is. I mean seriously – I could wear this to church, to work (with a cute cardigan or blazer!), or to one of my 10 weddings and all the subsequent baby showers.

But still… I never spend $300 on anything! And we all know I’ll want a new dress for all of those aforementioned occasions anyway…

Sigh. Frugality sucks sometimes. I’ll just have to stalk the sales, I guess!

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