Challenging Year Ahead

First I must say that I feel very silly describing anything I go through as “challenging” or “difficult.” I’m always so acutely aware of how lucky I am – blessed with health, support, and happiness – but bear with me a sec 🙂

So, we found out what our next assignment will be. It’s neither DC nor California. When Chuck gets back from his 6-7 month deployment to Afghanistan, he will ship off for yet another 5 months for training in Fort Benning, Georgia. BLEH!! Not at ALL what we were expecting or hoping for. It essentially means a year apart.

It’s a PCS, so technically I could go with him. That option is not off the table, but it would create a whole new set of issues (what would I do for 5 months in a small Alabama border town while he goes through some rigorous schooling?) Practically, I should probably stay here.

It’s really not the end of the world, but it did throw us for a loop. I was all prepared and feeling great for this deployment, and looking forward to planning for our next 3 year assignment. The news sent me reeling a bit, and has required a whole new mental approach – not just for the time we are about to spend apart, but for whatever the immediate and long-term future hold.

I mean, I was only supposed to be here till this spring at the longest. Then it got bumped to this fall. Now, it’s back to a full year from now before we’ll move on. I won’t even get into the housing issues we’re going to face when the owners of our rental come back this summer, or how we’re going to handle paying two rents, or how we’re going to get to all the weddings this fall (I’ll probably end up going to most by myself.)

Anyway. C’est la vie. We seriously just found out, right in the midst of the stress that comes with prepping for a deployment – so that was annoying. But I think we’ve both stabilized. There’s nothing we can’t handle 🙂 I am endlessly grateful that I do have a job and some semblance of a life here now! We’ll take it all one step at a time and get back to “normal” next January/February.

2014 WILL be our year!!

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