A young new military wife from Chuck’s unit posted this today. It’s a little negative and dramatically put for my taste, but true nonetheless. And we’ll go way longer than 3 days without talking, most likely. Last deployment, I went as long as 4 weeks without hearing anything! It’s not easy hearing a friend complain about a measly business trip. Such is the life… we are more independent because of it 🙂

Anyway. The first weekend was soooo quiet here by myself. I have felt drained and moody though, so I needed a weekend to unwind. Basically all I did was clean and nap. Hopefully things will pick up once the weather warms up… otherwise it’s gonna be a long ass deployment in this lonely little town. It is just the first week, but I can already tell it will be worlds different from the last deployment when I led an interesting, dynamic, and engaged life up in DC, where there was bustling activity and various forms of human interaction as soon as I stepped out of my apartment.

With the exception of leaving my Bean alone all day, I think I will look forward to going back to work on Mondays… apologies for the momentary lapse in positivity!

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