Holy Smokes…



Not that our finances or my purchase decisions are any of your business, but for any of my legit/civil readers who may be wondering the same thing: I actually bought that purse with the money I make from my own job. In fact, all of our “dumbass” frivolous purchases are made with my paycheck – from new shoes, to weekend getaways, to electronics, to workout equipment. So, Chuck’s raise only indirectly affects my spending. To add to the irony, I actually bought the purse before he even got promoted AND he was the first I sent a picture to.

It was a poorly worded and misleading joke on my part, I guess! Chuck knows I’m proud of him as a man and as a Marine – but we are both happy about making a more comfortable living too, and I am not ashamed of that. We earn together, and we spend together! 

Oh yeah and we save a lot, too 🙂

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