Love/Hate relationship with TripAdvisor

As if the amazing selection of reviews wasn’t overwhelming enough, I recently discovered how to use the question forums and regional experts. I had basically solidified my plan for a full 24 hours in the Luberon village of Gordes, then two nights in the more pristine and poodle-y Aix, with day trips to Arles or Marseille as desired.

But now, I feel like I’m totally effing it all up and maybe I should have consulted these experts first … oy vey!

I’m being dramatic – I am sure my plan is still fine – but this definitely makes me want to do more, and it feeds my tendency to overanalyze my decisions! But I have to remind myself that this part of the trip is purely about food, wine, and wanderlust – not squeezing in every site, town, or museum. I just need to decide how best to wander 🙂

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