the Rose Garden Tea Room


While browsing recommended restaurants on the America-focused website Okinawa Hai, I stumbled across a little spot in Uruma called the Rose Garden Tea Room. Decorated with flowers, dolls, and sculptures, it looked like one of those garden-like establishments that would only be suitable for a girls’ lunch. I needed a way to get to know some of the girls I’ve met in the Tower better anyway, so I rallied a few who I knew weren’t currently working and planned a visit.

It was…interesting. Kinda pretty, but mildly creepy, especially considering it was dead silent when we walked in, overwhelming in terms of sights, smell, and temperature, and off-putting when a rather disgruntled and shaggy looking employee eventually did emerge from some unseen back room to clumsily hand us a menu. I don’t think he cracked a smile the entire time.

The food was good but not great (it seemed unsure of if it wanted to be Japanese or American), but the tea and coffee were fun and the place itself was memorable, if nothing else. I’m glad I went, but I probably wouldn’t go again!


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