DINK Livin’


*DINK = Dual Income, No Kids!

Chuck and I purchased these hilarious decals from Etsy for Daisy and the Rabbit. We certainly don’t mean to offend any of the many young families that live in our Tower (and we’re by no means all that rich), but we just couldn’t resist plastering our cars with DINK* family stickers! The only thing missing is my baby fur Bean… who is significantly less expensive than a human baby, that’s for sure.

In other news, life is moving at its standard time-warpy pace. I have readjusted to life back in Japan after my 2-week visit to the U.S., and my job is not demanding in the slightest so far. In fact, most of my days are spent at home, since my primary colleague has been in the States and there is no need for me to sit and do nothing in our mostly nonexistent office with crappy, intermittent internet. I guess we’ll start sitting at little desks more regularly when she returns, but I don’t anticipate much goes on during the average day. The good news is that means it should be easier to keep up with class assignments (which start in about 6 weeks). I just registered for my Fall courses and I am getting really excited! But we’ll see how long it takes before I start grumbling about homework and due dates 🙂

In a couple of weeks, I will meet Chuck in Manila for a weekend. Even though I know very little about the Philippines, I am getting excited to check it out. It’s not a destination that was ever on my bucket list, but that could make for a more novel and unique experience in some ways. Since Chuck will already be there for work, we will only have to pay for my half of the trip, which is kind of awesome. I am not one to turn down an opportunity for more stamps in my passport, and in the meantime, I will research Manila attractions. If there is anything cool to do there, I will surely find it!

Education, travel, and adventures… oh the life of a DINK couple 🙂

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