How times do change…

When I was in undergrad at the College of William & Mary, of course it mattered that I do well. But “well” became a ratheElle-Woodsr relative term. Failing even one class would certainly never have been acceptable, but the pressure to get straight A’s was suddenly lifted. I was perfectly happy receiving mostly B’s, with a sprinkling of A’s and the occasional unattractive C (thank you, “easy” Intro to Astronomy, to name one of… several.)

Now that I’ve started grad school, however, I am feeling refreshed… energized even! Finding myself as a person (read: socializing) is less important now, and I actually want to do well and really learn what I study. Things were going well, when I got a final grade of 100% in my first course and started the first two weeks of my second course with a 99%. But yesterday, I missed two questions on my OPEN BOOK, multiple choice Week 3 Quiz and got an 80%, effectively ruining my practically perfect first semester “A.”

I recognize that I am unreasonably upset about this, especially since finance is unfamiliar territory for me… but still. STILL. My friend pointed out that it’s really quite difficult to flunk grad school, and grades don’t matter as much at this level. I know she’s right, but nevertheless – I’ve somehow become that person who gets upset by anything less than an A…

And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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