Making Up for Lost Time

So, do we think that being preggers in 2021 stopped me from trying to make up for freedom lost in 2020?

Not on your life, Kittens!

Although the specter of Covid-19 continued to loom, I took full advantage of the relative summertime lull and did what I could to salvage the lost opportunities of the last year.

I didn’t make it to Jamaica, Tanzania, or Norway, but Puerto Rico, France, and Cape Cod made for some truly excellent consolation prizes (even if I couldn’t so freely indulge in beachside mojitos, Provenรงal wines, or raw oysters.)

Let me tell you about it!

Cape Cod & The Islands

While still unsure of the pandemic’s trajectory (and before I knew I was pregnant), I booked a getaway to one of the places on my domestic bucket list: Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

I dreamed of antique coastal towns and quaint cottages awash in roses and hydrangeas, and July seemed the perfect time to escape the soupy heat of Washington, DC.

We flew into Providence then drove to the Queen Anne Inn in historic Chatham, where we stayed a few days (with a day trip to Nantucket nestled in the middle.)

I had originally wanted to make Nantucket our home base, but it was impossible to find a ferry space for a vehicle! It worked out better that way though, because we were honestly not fans of Nantucket. Perhaps we would have liked it better if we had embedded ourselves there rather than day tripping, but it was much more crowded and struck us as more pretentious than its sisters on the Cape.

That all said, it was still pretty adorable. I enjoyed the architecture and plentiful flora. Our midday escape to the Wauwinet was particularly memorable, and afforded *this* nauseous lady in her first trimester some much needed peace and quiet ๐Ÿ™‚

We wrapped up our trip with a couple days at Edgartown Inn in Martha’s Vineyard, which ended up being our favorite. It had a fresh authenticity that struck me as organic in its charm and simplicity. Edgartown featured food and shops that — while exclusive and high-end in nature — didn’t reek of conspicuous consumption and mainstream commercialism to quite the same extent that Nantucket did. Its vibe was more relaxed and beachy, with a local flair that was conducive to chatting with locals and getting acquainted with the island on a more personal level.

Although Chuck and I ultimately didn’t love this trip enough to feel the need to return to the region, we agreed that if we did find ourselves coming back, it would most certainly be for MV!

Nonetheless, the area was spellbinding in its beauty. I loved biking the pretty neighborhoods, exploring floral nooks and crannies, and chasing elusive lighthouses. We experienced an exquisite sunrise at the Edgartown Lighthouse – a tranquil highlight of our experience. And on a sillier note, I thoroughly enjoyed the Whydah Pirate Museum in Falmouth!

Climbed the lighthouse in Edgartown. Hello there, Vertigo!

I likely would have been up for more adventure and historic exploration if I had not battled first trimester nausea most of the time. It typically plagued me in the afternoons, just in time to ruin my appetite for dinner, but I think I did pretty well considering ๐Ÿ™‚

Chuck did thoroughly enjoy our fancy dinner at Cuvee in Chatham, even if I was unable to handle most of it. Truthfully, the best meal I had was a warm toasted bagel that Chuck brought me from the cafeteria on the ferry to Nantucket, LOL.

Carbs: they do a body good!

Anyway – more to come, folks! Stay tuned for scoop on France and Puerto Rico!

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