American Pedicures, You Lose

ImageWhen I first found out I was moving to Okinawa, the girls I knew there consoled me with the same bit of seemingly useless information: “You can get an amazing pedicure over here!” This afternoon, I visited¬†Cocok Nail Salon with my sponsor, Kellie, and I have to admit that it was pretty much the best thing ever. ¬†Not only do they serve you chilled green tea and the massage is lengthier and more thorough than any I’ve ever had, but you get a giant book of hundreds of intricate designs to choose from. I played it safe the first time and stuck with the¬†pink and floral design pictured above, but it’s just a matter of time before I attempt one of the following:


Plus, what’s not to love about a nail salon with a great view (clouds and telephone lines aside) and a resident feline? His name is Mitt, and he’s adorably grumpy ūüôā

 Image Image

All in all, this was an experience I will¬†certainly¬†repeat. I’m generally the type of girl who gets a pedicure maybe¬†two or three times per year, but in a place where I will fairly consistently be in sandals (or¬†cute peep-toed shoes), I think they may became a staple in my island beauty regimen.¬†For better or for worse, there is another location near the base I on which I will live.¬†How lucky is that?

Now, check out Kellie’s toes! They’re little minions! Too cute.