Puppy Flip-Flopping

I love just about any furry cuddly animal, dogs being a close #2 to my all-time fave, cats (in case you haven’t figured that out.) I’ve always assumed Chuck and I would eventually get a dog, and now is actually a decent time for it, since I’m not working full time and we have a big back yard.

But now I’m getting cold feet and don’t really want one anymore. I’ve been talking to people who are dog owners, and I’m reminded of how much a puppy would overhaul my life. They are cute, and tons of fun, and great companions, but like babies, it’s nicer to hang out with them and then hand them over when the tough parts come along.

I’m also realizing how much I’ll lose control over the look and feel of my home. One of the couples who visited us last weekend brought their massive great dane – which was a total sweetheart and I loved him – but the house smelled after just one night, and it took a little while to get my beach-scented balance back.

Dogs are so much work, and require a lot more logistics and worry when you plan anything – even a night out. They’re also so demanding of attention. I may still be too selfish with my time…

I grew up with an amazing golden retriever named Lacey, and she was a handful. But looking back, it was manageable because my mom, sister, and I were home pretty much all day every day, since we were home schooled. We got through puppyhood a lot quicker and easier than I would now. And, what happens when we move back to a city, and we only have an apartment with no back yard and I’m working 50 hours a week?

I say we just get another kitten. Chuck isn’t quite on board with that yet…

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