Productive Little Monday

Every now and again I get Monday off from both the Chamber job and the pharmacy job, which allows me to catch up on things/recover from whatever craziness has been going on. I cleaned the house, did laundry, gave the cat a bath, got some administrative crap off my checklist, and even had a healthy breakfast AND lunch (I usually end up missing one of them.)

I wanted to work out too, but the vacuuming, cat-bathing, and bed-making was so physical that now I’m pooped and just don’t feel like it (lame, I know.) I did walk to the mailbox, which is a good 10 minutes round-trip. That counts, right? I might have exaggerated the 10 minutes. But it’s not like it’s at the foot of my driveway 🙂

I still need to make a grocery run, but I’m trying to find excuses out of that too. For instance, one of my car tires is half-flat. I shouldn’t drive anywhere unless absolutely necessary, yeah? Alas, there really isn’t much in the house for dinner, and I committed to making dessert for dinner with friends tomorrow night. Oy. All I really want to do is sprawl out on my couch and read my book.

In other news, today is Chuck’s first day with his new unit. I hope we get more info on what to expect in the next few months soon!!

… Okay okay!! Going to the grocery store now… 

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