Le Tired

I have gotten so spoiled with part-time work! Here I am working my second full-time week in ages and I’m stressed and POOPED!! I rather enjoyed my 9-2 and 1-5 shifts with Mondays off. 😛 Of course, it’s been a lot of cold-calling and busy work lately for a high-strung boss, but still…

At least I’m making more money. But I miss my cat and hate leaving her alone all day (wonder what this means for my future motherhood prospects?!) I also miss cooking and keeping my house clean (yes, that just came out of my mouth…ugh.) Oh, and having time to shop or run errands after work!

Anyway, off to bed. Have to be at work by 7 am tomorrow… time for the big kick-off my boss has been stressing about for weeks. I’m actually a little excited to see what the big fuss is about. 🙂

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