General Updates

I am officially half way through Chuck’s month-long training escapade – woohoo! It’s flown by and I feel a little guilty admitting I’ve barely noticed. I think I may be keeping almost as busy as he is. In reality though, I think I’m just in that be-strong-and-focused mode. Full gears ahead….

I am REALLY loving my new job. I love how it gets me out in the community, and how I’m learning to provide services to area businesses. The girl I’m replacing officially left yesterday, so as of Monday, I’m “in charge”.  I really want to do well there. The Chamber has been so nice to take me on even though I won’t be around long, and I want to make sure I make it as awesome for them as they have made it for me.

I’m ready to move into my new office on Monday. I already have a bag full of silly decorations in tow! I realized I haven’t had my own “space” at work in years. We did hoteling at PwC… a different cubicle every day.

When I’m not busy at work or staying late/arriving early for events, I’m prepping for weekend activities. Weekends are generally the hardest to be alone, and when I miss Chuck the most. Last weekend I attended the Commanding General’s holiday reception on base, courtesy of an invite via the Chamber. It was so nice! I watched a football game with friends (gasp!) and got lots of Christmas shopping and cleaning done.

This weekend I hosted a lunch for the ladies attached to the men in Chuck’s unit. I always stress myself out taking these things on, but they are generally worth it in the end. I’m glad we had an opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

I’m about to head to dinner at “Bemily’s” (Ben + Emily) and tomorrow I’m hoping I’ll be motivated enough to get up and go to church. We’ll see… 😉

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