Speaking of Love…

… 10 of Chuck’s and/or my GOOD friends got engaged this year. The majority of those got engaged in the past few days, weeks, and months. Everyone’s in luurrrrvvve for the holidays, and I just love weddings 🙂


The only “problem” is that all these new diamond-rocking couples are trying to get married between September and November, with most looking at October. A handful of them involve me or Chuck in the wedding party, too. I don’t see how we’ll be able to avoid missing some, especially if we move to the West Coast in the summer and it’ll cost a grand just to fly Chuck and I back East (all are on the east coast except for one, and that one is in Mexico.)

Never mind that I’ll also be unemployed again just in time for fall…

Fingers crossed, we’ll be able to make pretty much all of them! Then, I’ll tackle all the bridal showers/bachelorette parties/bridesmaid duties as they come… If we move back to the DC area, it should be more manageable (assuming no one plans the same weekend.) At least then, we can drive most places, or flights will be cheaper. We shall see!

BUT in all seriousness, CONGRATULATIONS to all!! ❤ And … wish me luck 😉

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