Dance Class Fail

I’ve been trying since I moved here to find any kind of dance class that is fun, gives a good workout, and fits somewhat into my schedule. Most of the studios I’ve found are almost exclusively for children, and if they do offer adult classes, it’s like once a week at 8:30. I’m not inclined to hang around Wilmington for over 3 hours after work before a 45 minute drive home…

I thought I struck gold when I found a pole dancing studio nearby, but after trying 3 classes, it’s nothing short of a big joke. Overly simple, boring, and poorly organized. You know it’s bad when the other students are asking me how to do things and complimenting MY muscles (they don’t really exist…LOL.)

I’m going to give it one more shot (a more “advanced” class) before making a final decision and committing to a series, but I think I just may have to wait till we move to start dancing again. I sure do miss it though! Here’s to continuing the dance party in my own living room. Gotta love iPod shuffle 🙂

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