It’s the Small Things

I just want to take a moment to rejoice at the condition of my hair and my eyelashes these days. For years, both were in such bad shape, mostly due to over-processing and the abuse of clip-in extensions and falsies during my Bad Kitty days. Those were a ton of fun, but they really did take such a toll, especially after crashing with them still in… no bueno. Literally, my hair was clean ripped off in some places (I just played them off as choppy layers…)

Anyway, I took a break on the extensions. Wore false lashes less frequently. Of course, going out on the town less certainly helped with these efforts. I also started using Agadir Argan Oil spray on my hair (basically Moroccan oil) and swiped lotion on my lashes at night before bed (weird, I know.) But it has made SUCH a difference! Even other people have been complimenting the condition of my hair, compared to the old days. I’m at a point where I can say I’m happy with both my lashes and my hair – longer, fuller, notably healthier… and I still get to highlight 🙂

Lately, I don’t even feel the need for extensions or falsies (except maybe for a truly special occasion that involves lots of pictures.) I recently purchased Revitalash (basically non-prescription Latisse) to encourage lash growth, and it seems to be helping as well.

I sound so high maintenance haha… but my hair has always been so fine and scrawny, it’s nice to have some life in it!!

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