Life is Beautiful

I found out this week that a girl I know was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at 28 years young. She is more than a mere acquaintance, but not quite a close friend. Aside from my mother’s mental illness, this is the closest I’ve been to anyone receiving devastating news about one’s health.  I hear of things – but they never (thankfully) hit close to home…

It puts life into rather harsh perspective. I remind myself to thank God for a healthy body and a healthy mind – every single day. Neither is guarenteed, and not everyone is so blessed to have both. You can lose either literally overnight.

This girl is an inspiration with the way she is dealing with her diagnosis. There is no cure for MS, and she knows she has a long road ahead, but her spirits remain high and she’s focusing on the positives. It makes me feel so bad for all the complaining I do. Because life is pretty wonderful – and even she knows it.

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