All Done…!

… with move #1 of 3 between now and March! It was a longggg couple of days (more like couple of weeks) but it’s done now and nothing went wrong. I did find out that the owners of the old house are ripping out the carpets… AFTER I paid to have them professionally cleaned. There are no coverings on any of the windows – so I feel mildly exposed – and I can’t get internet to work… but inshallah, those sorts of things will work themselves out. I am just grateful I have a place to live in these last months before we head to GA.

In other news, I have reached the single-digits of weeks before Chuck comes home! Nine to go (assuming he comes back the first week of August.)

Also, I got a little sunburn on my beach break yesterday. This is exciting because I hardly ever burn or tan.  It’s nice to see I’m not a vampire after all, and my skin will in fact get a natural glow – even if it’s a little on the rosy side 🙂

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