Taking a Little Brain Break…

…to plan a EuroTrip with Chuck for 2014! I have been talking for ages about doing this, but of course, things happen and it’s hard to commit for all kinds of reasons. But it’s true what they say – there’s never a “good” time to drop that much money on something, so eventually you just have to go for it. It only gets harder to find the time to have an adventure, and we’ve been working really hard on saving money this year (weddings aside). Of course, ideally I’ll be gainfully employed in a real city in 2014 too! That would give me some confidence to move forward with it.

Anyway, my original thought was to go in the Fall. I’ve heard the Fall is best for travel, from cost to weather patterns – plus that’s our wedding anniversary! But Chuck graduates from his school billet in March, so I feel like that may be a good time to go instead. If we wait till October, we will both (hopefully) have started new jobs somewhere, and may not have the flexibility to take time off, and Lord knows what his schedule will be like to begin with.

Now I just need to decide where to go!! I’ve been to the UK twice, but I feel like it’s a must for someone who’s never been to Europe before (like Chuck, who requested we go wherever the castle is where Harry Potter went to school.) Plus I have long-lost friends there, so it would be fun to reunite with them. Then I was thinking of hitting the basics – France and Italy – but I get so distracted by the other countries too! Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Spain…and don’t get me started on other continents 🙂

Let’s hope we get more than one opportunity to go on a fun trip like that. I was hoping the military would take us there, but it’s not looking like that will happen. It’s always been one of the big things I want to do with my life – travel and see the world. It’s just so gosh darn expensive these days!

But like I always used to tell my dad when he’d give me money talks – I’ve never regretted a penny spent on a trip, foreign or domestic 🙂

Anyway – advice on how to go about planning a EuroTrip (flights, places to stay, and other essentials) would be great!

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