Dance Nostalgia

I’ve really missed dancing the past almost-two years. It’s been a part of my life in one form or another for as long as I can remember – ballet  on and off from childhood through high school, Dance Team, high school musicals, and pole dancing. Last night I randomly decided to watch my old Syndicate videos (fun fact: I co-founded a hip-hop dance group in college… don’t laugh), and even though we really weren’t that good in the scheme of things, you can see how much fun we all had with it.

That’s the thing – I’m really not that great at dancing (maybe for your average white girl I am), but I just love it. I loved performing too, but there aren’t many outlets for that as an adult without being truly professional and competitive. That’s one of the reasons I tried out for NFL and NBA teams back in DC – because it’s one of the few opportunities to perform without being a pro dancer. Not that I was good enough for that either… 🙂

Hopefully once we get past the GA stint, we’ll be some place where I can get back into it. Miss those endorphins!!

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