Today is my Friday!

I get a 4-day weekend for the 4th! One of those days is unpaid leave of course, since the Chamber is broke and our contingency plan requires us to take 2 unpaid days off per month, but that’s okay. The weather forecast is beach-perfect 🙂

Otherwise, I’m not sure what I’ll do for 4 days. I’m used to really full and busy Independence Day weekends. Things are pretty quiet here – but I’m not particularly in the mood to be social anyway. I just wish I had functioning internet at home!

Lately I’ve been watching Sex and the City DVDs. I’m on Season 2. I must say, I used to hate that show and everything it was about. I think it was because I couldn’t relate to it. I wasn’t in relationships, wasn’t dating, wasn’t having sex. But now I’m finding it pretty hilarious. And interesting. Parts of it still make me cringe to see how it’s influenced a generation of young women, so I can’t get 100% on board, but it’s good entertainment and has some relateable insight here and there. 

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