One thing that’s weird about my Military Life 2.0 (with 1.0 being my childhood as a military brat) is that neighbors are not friendly. I didn’t know my neighbors in my last neighborhood, and I don’t know them in my new one, either.

This is strange to me, because when someone was new in the neighborhood growing up, people always made the effort to say hi, introduce themselves, and bring delicious homemade baked goods to welcome you. My attempts to befriend new neighbors in the last neighborhood were essentially met with “thanks, but no thanks”, and in this neighborhood, I have yet to be acknowledged at all!

Of course, they probably all think I’m a witch or something. Young woman living alone who hangs out with her cat out in the driveway on random balmy evenings. Only seen at night. And now feeding mysterious black cats that are showing up in my yard at odd hours.

I’m pretty excited about that by the way! I love black cats.

Hmmm… maybe I am a witch.

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