Kayak just blew my mind…

There are many things to love and to hate about my “hometown” Washington, DC. One thing to love, apparently, is cheap international flights! Here I am, searching flights to London from Atlanta, and from Rome back to Atlanta, thinking it’s the best I’m going to get since ATL is a major international hub… 

But then on a whim, I plug in IAD… and HOLY COW they are almost half the price! Completely unfair! Maybe, if Chuck gets orders back to the DC area after Fort Benning, we can just do the EuroTrip after we move, and before he starts work 🙂 Flying out of DC sounds much, much gentler on the wallet… Who knew?!

Of course, Lord only knows when we’ll find out where we’ll be that time of year anyway. The planner in me is getting annoyed!

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