Chuck gets home in a little over 48 hours!!! I can’t believe it’s *almost* here! It’s going to be so strange, taking him to a house he’s never seen before, and that’s been all mine. I’m also curious to see how Miss Bean reacts – she has only recently gotten comfortable taking over his spot in the bed!

I did finally unpack his clothes and found space for them in the closet (kinda.) I went to the grocery store and got some of the things I know he likes most – bacon, mozzarella cheese, ground beef, Italian sausage… My grocery bill has effectively doubled…

Our August is going to be very busy as we prepare for guests and moving out – plus I’ll still be working. But I am grateful for a long weekend where it’ll just be the two of us to readjust to life together and catch up beyond the idle chit chat of our e-mail convos.

But first, I need to finish up all my remaining Sex and the City episodes… FAST!!

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