Bummer, dude…

I’ve come to the realization that the EuroTrip I’ve been planning is a bit ambitious, particularly in terms of finances. I just completed a very generic summation of what it would cost to carry out my wonderful itinerary, and it was over $8k. Granted, I overestimated everything just to be safe, but it pretty much only included flights, hotels, and a few of the bigger train rides. Throw in meals and museum passes and other miscellany, and we’re probably looking at around (or even over) 10 grand, if we’re not careful! 

Unfortunately, we’re not quite in the position to go on a $10k vacation. …Yet 🙂

So now I have to decide where to cut. I could eliminate some portions of both France and Italy (but still get to see both countries), or just pick one country to see a little more thoroughly, and save the other for another time. I have anxiety that we won’t ever have such a great opportunity to fly over there again (until we’re old), but I need to stop being so paranoid about that. 

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