A Georgia Update… We Made It!

Well, we survived the big move. It’s an 8.5 hour drive from North Carolina, but with all the stops and shenanigans along the way (dealing with the Uhaul, the public scales, the Ft. Benning housing office, the inspection office, blah blah blah) I probably spent a grand total of 14 hours in the car. Poor Annie had it the worst – I tried giving her children’s Benadryl before we left, in the hopes that she’d pass out for most of the trip, but that only resulted in prompt vomiting all over the freshly cleaned floor. Bubble gum must not be her flavor…

Anyways, midnight driving is tough. Never do it! I swear we almost died multiple times, drifting off along the highway. But somehow, we made it. Our house is MEH, compared to what we are used to. I guess we were spoiled with our nice house(s) in NC. This place is straight up white walls, white linoleum floors, plain appliances… 1950s functional with zero personality. I call it the “ugly house”, though it looks nicer now that we have our stuff in it. We had the option to get another, slightly more charming apartment in a quintessentially southern looking part of base, but this one is more practical… and Chuck preferred it (apparently he has no taste!) But after being awake for 36 hours, I gave in pretty quickly. It is temporary, afterall.

Honestly though, it’s exactly what I remember of growing up in base housing. I was less surprised than Chuck was. It’s funny how back then it didn’t even phase me – but now that I’ve experienced the “real” world and have more adult taste, I’m all turning my nose up at the place. And to add insult to injury, we’re paying full BAH for it (and more than we paid in NC), so we are not even saving money by living on base… but c’est la vie. Utilities are included, except for internet/cable! So that’s nice 🙂

I will say I’m pretty bummed there is no washer/dryer!! I was so looking forward to having one again… but I guess I shouldn’t have expected it. So, we will buy a set this week. Gotta love those unplanned expenses…

But enough complaining! I’m grateful to have a roof over our head for the next 7 months. It’s easy and safe. And increasingly comfortable 🙂 I’m just so happy to have Chuck here with me on this adventure (having him home all the time still hasn’t gotten old!)


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