On a Roll Today…

Now that the move is over, and I’ve recovered from my trip to Mexico, I’m ready to get all sorts of productive with my time here. Or at least, come up with some sort of plan. I’m not going to push myself to find a job (though that would be nice if I could), so I’m trying to think of ways to stay entertained while I’m here.

It must be said that my biggest surprise in moving on base is how quiet it is. I figured most people would have kids (I’m the only childless spouse I’ve seen thus far), but I did not figure people would keep to themselves so much. There is a USMC wives’ event on the evening of the 19th, but I will be on a flight to CO at that point, so I’m gonna have to miss that… better luck next time.

Also, most of the guys Chuck is meeting at school actually chose to live in random places off base, which completely surprises me. I’d love to know the reasoning of dealing with a lease in an unknown area for 7 months, but I haven’t met any yet to ask.  But, the fact that everyone is pretty scattered probably means a less socially cohesive experience here than we had in NC…

So, things are looking a bit bleak in the friends department, but I am excited to meet up with a girl I knew very briefly in college, before she transferred out. She messaged me out of the blue to say she is temporarily living in Columbus and would love to meet up next weekend. Apparently her family lives here and is active in the community, so maybe she can hook me up with some volunteer work, at least!

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at base activities, even if they are mostly family-focused (i.e, for couples with kids.) I would look into retail work, but there are too many weekends I’m going to have to ask off, due to all the weddings this fall. No one will hire me if I ask for weekends off 🙂

Once I get the checkbook balanced and figure out where we stand, I am going to take the plunge and get Rosetta Stone. That will be something fun and educational to do on quiet days. After struggling with my crappy Spanish in Mexico, I’m more motivated than ever to get my French down before spring! It would have added a lot of value if I could have communicated better in Mexico, and most of them knew broken English!

I think I’ll also get a yoga mat, so I can do some exercise at home. I’m used to carpeting – definitely can’t do crunches on this cold, hard, nasty floor! 🙂

Overall, I’m trying not to get overly antsy, enjoy the lax schedule together with Chuck, and hang out with Miss Bean while making cupcakes again. Even if it gets super boring – it’s just 7 months… and 7 months WITH Chuck, rather than all by myself. Win!

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