Beautiful Beautiful Day Out!

Today is one of those perfect, sunny, energized days when I really wish we had a porch or a patio (if not more outdoor things to do around here in general.) It’s 70 degrees and 100% cloud-free outside, and there’s no way to enjoy it. We already went for a long walk around the neighborhood. It was glorious.

In NC, I had my little patio out back, with our crappy little lawn chairs and a lattice cover and a fenced yard where the Bean and I could bask and relax in the fresh air and sunshine. Friends nearby had adorable front porches with rocking chairs, where we could sip wine and people watch from a safe distance. We don’t have either here in GA, and our “back yard” is about 10 feet from the windows of another house…awkward. 

Someone  with a better setup than ours needs to host a football BBQ or something!

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