A little out of it this morning…

… thanks to a less than stellar night’s sleep. In addition to a bad case of spaghetti brain, I think I am not getting enough exercise. I have done nothing since I had food poisoning three weeks ago!! Today is freezing cold and there is apparently a big snow/ice storm on the way, but I am still going to take a “lengthy” power walk around the neighborhood. I imagine it will be invigorating, if nothing else.

Otherwise, there is not much going on. The EuroTrip is 100% booked (wahoo!), and we are at the “hurry up and wait” point with Japan. This weekend, we head to Atlanta to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and in two weeks, we head to Savannah to celebrate Chuck’s 30th!

Speaking of Savannah, I feel like such a bad wife. I was so preoccupied with getting Europe figured out (we had delayed so much already), that I waited rather long to finally turn my attention to Savannah. Since it’s President’s Day Weekend and Valentine’s Day Weekend, sooo many ideal spots were all booked. But, I did find a good riverfront hotel and made reservations for our group at Chuck’s favorite restaurant there… so I guess I salvaged things overall… somewhat 🙂

Seriously though… we are running out of weekends down here in Georgia! I had hoped to squeeze in a weekend excursion to New Orleans, since I have never been, but I don’t think that will happen. Before I know it, we’ll be out of here and on our way home to DC for a few weeks!

Time sure is a-flyin’.

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