How I’ve learned to make the most of friendship…

It seems as though a lot of my fellow Tumblies are dealing with loneliness, and the depression that comes with loneliness. They wish they had more friends, and more things to do on the weekends. They wonder if it’s them, or if it’s the world around them. I’ve been on both sides of the popularity spectrum – the smart nerd with no friends, and the social butterfly with tons of friends – and I can safely say that both experiences were isolating in their own way. I felt bad about myself (and in some cases, about those around me too) in both scenarios. Even when I had lots of friends, I still often felt very alone.

I think this means that what it all really boils down to is the relationship you have with yourself – which, of course, is a continual work in progress for most of us. I know it’s cliche, but I think it’s true. The more I enjoy time with myself (which I like now more than I ever used to), the more I enjoy time with other people, and appreciate what we bring to each other’s lives.

I am more comfortable these days with some of the deeper aspects of myself, and the obstacles I face. As I get better at that, it matters less to me how many or how few friends I have, or how many options of things to do I have on the weekends, whereas before, I was rather defined by my social life (or lack thereof.) If you put that much stock in what other people can do for you, they will always disappoint you (and you will continue to disappoint yourself..)

I am probably not making much sense – and I don’t by any means want to take away from the incredible value of friendship – but this is just random food for thought on a lazy Saturday evening, as I read what some others are going through…

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