Introducing Daisy, My Plucky Okinawa Car

ImageIf there was one thing I knew for sure that I wanted here in Okinawa, it was a pink car. I mean – where else in the world could I possibly get away with that? They’re just too cute for words! However, despite the fact that you see these cars in various shades of pink absolutely everywhere, they are incredibly difficult to find at the “approved” used dealerships. I was patient for a while – visiting and re-visiting the dealerships, perusing Okinawa yard sale pages and Bookoo – but alas, I was running out of time to be picky about something as inane as color. I really just needed some wheels so I could get around on my own, after all…

In a last ditch effort, I posted my very specific request on an Okinawa Facebook page, which prompted a number of false leads on cars that were either more red than pink, more purple than pink, or more gray than pink. Finally, one last lady made her winning comment: “I think I may have what you are looking for ;-)”.

We exchanged a series of messages, arranged a time to meet, and before I knew it, I was the new owner of a 2001 Honda Fit, in a beautiful shade of hyacinth pink! I promptly named her “Daisy,” because, well, it just suits her so damn well. (I realize daisies are white, but “Rose” was far too elegant for a girl-next-door cutie like her.) Anyway, Daisy is far from perfect – she has a few bumps and bruises, has 144,000 kilometers on her, and sometimes she makes cute, sputtery little noises – but I can tell she has a heart of gold and will get me where I need to go in charming, Okinawan style.

No car can replace my original, beloved Scarlett, but I am so pleased to live my island life with Daisy for the next three years!

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