California Zen: Life in the Pink House

When I think about the past four-and-half months, my head spins! Since late May, I lived in a Magician’s Mansion (with a 120-lb tortoise named Henry), bounced East to DC to visit friends and family, moved into La Casa Rosada (the Pink House), and hosted an ongoing carousel of visitors. Throw in a side trip to Santa Monica, a highly anticipated Himalayan salt lamp, goat yoga, and a refrigerator full of kombucha, and you have yourselves a fully christened California Girl ūüôā

Each of those random things hosts a story all its own, but I have been negligent in tending to my little online garden. Mostly, this means that my life has been busy and full. And it’s true! I adore my little Pink House. In fact, I probably love it a little bit too much. We did not buy it ¬†(we are simply renting) but it’s the first house that Chuck and I found and chose together, and the first time in quite a while that we haven’t been forced to live in something we didn’t want. After 3 years of involuntary, military base housing, I was ready to regain some control and make ourselves a little home.

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The Earth Laughs in Flowers

I first visited the Cosmos Fields in Okinawa 2 years ago, and I had a great time frolicking in the sea of pink as¬†Chuck humored me with a couple of cute photos. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit to having more photo-shoot oriented fun when I took my friend Sally to see them for the first time.

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A Few of My Favorite Things


I’ve been a¬†bit¬†homesick lately, as the golden hues of autumn spread over most of the United States. Despite all my wonderful adventures here in Asia, I find myself longing to join my friends and family on their foliage-rich hikes, visits to the pumpkin patch, ventures into haunted woods, revelry at costumed Halloween parties, and¬†savoring¬†of the omnipresent pumpkin spice latte. Continue reading

Introducing Daisy, My Plucky Okinawa Car

ImageIf there was one thing I knew for sure that I wanted here in Okinawa, it was a pink car. I mean – where else in the world could I possibly get away with that? They’re just too cute for words! However,¬†despite¬†the fact that you see these cars in various shades of pink absolutely everywhere,¬†they are incredibly difficult to find at the “approved” used dealerships. I was patient for a while¬†–¬†visiting and re-visiting the dealerships,¬†perusing Okinawa yard sale pages and Bookoo¬†–¬†but alas, I was running out of time to be picky about something as inane¬†as color. I really just needed some wheels so I could get around on my own, after all…

In a last ditch effort, I posted my very specific request on an Okinawa Facebook page, which prompted a number of false leads on cars that were either more red than pink,¬†more purple than pink,¬†or more gray than pink. Finally, one last lady made her winning comment: “I think I may have what you are looking for ;-)”.

We exchanged a series of messages, arranged a time to meet, and before I knew it, I was the new owner of a 2001 Honda Fit, in a beautiful shade of¬†hyacinth pink! I promptly named her “Daisy,” because, well, it just suits her so damn well. (I realize daisies are white, but “Rose” was far too elegant for a girl-next-door cutie like her.) Anyway, Daisy is far from perfect – she has a few¬†bumps and bruises, has 144,000 kilometers on her, and sometimes she makes cute, sputtery little noises¬†– but I can tell she has a heart of gold and will get me where I need to go in charming, Okinawan style.

No car can replace my original, beloved Scarlett, but I am so pleased to live my island life with Daisy for the next three years!

The most beautiful #valentine I have ever received! Chuck has a little competition this year, don‚Äôt cha think? ūüėäūüíĖ @wendy_j_li #pink #love #pretty #diy #papercrafts #snailmail

My favorite color palette captured in one photo! Peaches‚Ķ pinks‚Ķ yellows. Wish I had found this before I planned my wedding. I think I got close enough though ūüôā

I am totally in the mood for a new pair of cute shoes. Not that the beach is any place for prissy high-heels, but the hankering has set nonetheless.