First week of grad school: check!


 My first week of grad school was off to an awkward start when our internet – which has been working just fine since we originally hooked it up – decided to completely and totally crash. It took me 3 days to figure out that I could just detach the modem’s cord from the splitter and plug it directly into the wall, but until that point, I was pretty stressed trying to keep up with my assignments during spare time at work (which also has an intermittent, unreliable internet connection.) Luckily, I had copied down some readings into my trusty Lilly agenda in the weeks prior, so I could at least keep up the old fashioned way – studying theory in my textbooks!

I am really liking the class so far. I was skeptical about what an online degree would be like, but I am impressed with the availability and involvement of the professor and the facilitator, the interactivity with other students, and the quality of the feedback. The assignments are very real-world (I feel I would actually use the skills in any number of job settings), while the reading is mostly academic and theoretical. It is more work than I anticipated it would be, but it probably seems that way because I was scrambling to maintain an internet connection the whole time. I’m sure that once I settle into a routine and get more familiar with the format, it will be easier. In the meantime, I still feel up to the challenge, and I am grateful that my job has turned out so flexible, for the most part. I also have an advantage in being a day ahead of everyone else. Much harder to miss deadlines that way 🙂

On a random side note – it’s kinda cool to be taking this class while Chuck and I watch the West Wing. I keep finding myself relating what I’m learning to what I watch Toby, Josh, C.J., and Sam do in the Oval Office!

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