My First Visitor

In the week leading up to Typhoon Vongfong, Na Yung came to visit from the Middle East! Mother Nature must be in quite the mood these days, because there was actually another typhoon whipping our coast the weekend she arrived. It was not nearly as bad as this one, but it still put quite the kink in our plans – particularly anything to do with the beach.

Still, we managed to have a great time. We at least saw the beach once:


… Visited Shurijo Castle and enjoyed a traditional tea ceremony:

… Walked the Seawall, browsed American Village, and got our toes done:

… Ate a bunch of delicious food (and drank delicious drinks):

… Spent quality time with my feline friends (Na has now seen the extent of my crazy cat lady status):


…And played homage to the crazy photo booth at the local Aeon… the one that makes our eyes huge and our skin porcelain. Honestly, I’d prefer it give me a nice tan! šŸ™‚


Chuck was in the Philippines for two weeks, so it was great to have her here, especially when Momo had an adverse reaction to her vaccines and I had to rush her to the emergency room (she’s okay now, in case you were wondering.) It was great catching up with her, in such a random place so far from “home.”

We will have to save karaoke and the gorgeous northern beaches for next time!

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