Once upon a time…

Nikki & Chuck were off to celebrate their 4-year anniversary in China.


Alas, Typhoon Vongfong, the “largest storm on Earth in 2014” had other ideas (the blue dot is Okinawa.)


It’s a good thing it’s so fascinating to track, because it gives me something to do at home when I should be at the Great Wall of China right now. Currently, it’s a hypothetical “Category 6” super typhoon, with a cloud span that would cover the entire United States. It is comparable in size and power to the typhoon that struck the Philippines last year. Good thing Okinawa is much better equipped to handle such a storm!

Honestly, I am amazed we still have power. Of course that could change at any moment, as the storm creeps closer…


It should peak in another 6-9 hours. While I am disappointed our trip to China is kaput (for now), it is quite cozy to be hunkered down in my concrete bunker with Chuck, my kitty cats, and my ridiculous new Hello Kitty slippers.


Seriously… I don’t even like Hello Kitty!

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