Culinary Delight #15: Basil Baked Salmon w/ Rosemary Orzo

This is currently my favorite recipe! Easy, healthy, and sooo yummy. Chuck and I both love it, and we have it once per week.


– Boil water and cook orzo al dente

– Meanwhile, saute chopped onion and rosemary in olive oil (I don’t use precise amounts, just to taste)

– Once you’ve drained the orzo in a colander, stir in the onion/rosemary mix and set aside (I mixed it right in the colander but you could put it in a bowl of course)


– Season salmon with salt, pepper and basil (Chuck actually muddled it together with olive oil to make a paste that we brushed onto the salmon)

– Bake for 10 minutes at 350 (original recipe actually said you can just put it in the pan to cook it stove top)

Tomato topping:

– Meanwhile, go back to your pan and saute more chopped onion and garlic in olive oil

– Add chopped or diced tomatoes (I also add some fresh basil towards the end). Cook over medium or medium low heat until tomatoes are softened and a little juicy.

– Serve the salmon over the orzo, and top with the tomato mixture

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