Oki Adventures

It has been quite a while since I updated last, particularly about my adventures in Okinawa. Chuck has been away playing war games around the Pacific, while I enjoyed two weeks off from school (even if work continued to pound away at my sanity.) My weekends have been full of fun and sunshine, rather than papers and presentations. Here are a few highlights!

1. Ryugujo Butterfly Garden

I do love butterflies, so when I heard about this spot up north I had to check it out. A friend of mine had gone the week prior, and she was truly surrounded by the graceful little bugs, landing on and fluttering all around her.

I wasn’t so lucky – only one decided to be my friend – but it was beautiful, nonetheless!

2. Soupcon Cafe

I’ve actually been to this gem many times, but a recent visit made for some particularly lovely scenery and scrumptious food porn. Check out that apple pie!!

3. Bise Fukugi Tree Road, or Bise Village

photo 3 (2)

This quaint little village hides under a thick canopy of Fukugi trees. We sought adventure that day, so we rented some bikes and rode the shaded paths before steering towards the ocean. We found some beautiful samples of marine life along the way!

4. Bingata at Shuri-Ryusen… “Coral dyeing”

This old school Okinawan form of art involves fossilized pieces of coral and dyes of various composition and hues. We had the choice of dyeing tee shirts or scarves and were instructed to lay the cloth over the coral before rubbing a little pod soaked in dye all over it – not unlike those days in kindergarten when we placed dried leaves under a piece of paper and colored over it with crayons. I am not artistic in the slightest, so my scarf left something to be desired, but it was a fun experience nonetheless!

5. Beach time

The weather actually hasn’t been all that beach-perfect, but I did get one full day of sunshine, sand, and sea salt… and a lil’ puppy love 🙂

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