My Favorite Holiday

Seriously, Halloween is my favorite. There’s no other time you can dress up and be silly and act ridiculous for no good reason. Plus, who doesn’t love a good spook? Not that I’ve ever dressed as anything “scary” in my whole life, but I enjoy the haunted house/forest/corn maze thing, whenever I have the time to go on such an excursion or plan such a party.

This year, I did not have the time for an excursion, but we did have a party planned. There was also  a second, unexpected party that required a last-minute costume #2… because I never duplicate costumes 🙂 Please excuse the poor-quality cell phone pictures!

Little Olaf

I’m lucky that Chuck has a sense of humor about things. He made for a great Olaf to my Elsa. I had fun as a unicorn too, but I SWEAR my boobs didn’t look that outrageous in person! I think flash photography makes them look ridiculous. I almost didn’t post the pics, but I decided who cares… I’m a f*cking unicorn!!

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